An Index of my Web Pages!

Index.Htm  (18/2/99) The main index page, with all its weirdness and links.
TruIndex.Htm  (3/1/00) This page index you're looking at right now!
Jesus Pages
Faith.Htm The main Faith page, with my testimony and the links.
Thoughts.Htm My page of Christian Thoughts. Subpages: Rememb.Htm, Emails.Htm, WhenISay.Htm, Challeng.Htm, Atheists.Htm, Sex.Html, Money.Html, Invictus.Htm, Love.Htm.
Ignite.Htm The homepage of Ignite the Passion - a CICCU event I was involved with.
MusBooks.Htm (22/5/98)
[yes, very due an update!]
My Christian music & books - now featuring sample lyrics!
BibQuot.Htm Several pages of funky HTML-enhanced Bible quotes.
DCTalk.Htm Lyrics from a couple of DC Talk's raps - they're a laugh.
VegiLips.Htm The lyrics to the VeggieTales classic, "I Love My Lips!"
Vaguely Academic / College-Related Pages
MathsCS.Htm A page of wibble about my subject, Maths & Computer Science.
LectQuot.Htm (1/12/98) Wonderful utterances from my maths lecturers in my second year...
LQuotes2.Htm (13.2.00) ...and some even better quotes from third year lectures...
CSQuot.Htm ...and from when I used to do CompSci, they came out with some entertaining quotes as well.
Robinson.Htm My thoughts on my lovely college.
6Adams.Txt A song about 6 Adams Road, the house I live in this year.
GradHous.Htm (8/7/99) Directions to the house I was in summer 1999. (Could be useful to someone.)
Odd Squad Pages
OddSquad.Htm (21.1.00) A group of friends and I are very very odd. So we get called the Odd Squad. The Odd Squad page has come out of hiding, and its utter madness is now proudly on display for the world to see...
OsQuotes.Htm (9.8.99) The first page of weird, wacky and wonderful quotes the Odd Squad have come out with
OsQts2.Htm (21.1.00) The second page of crazy OddSquad quotes - from August to December 1999...
OsQts3.Html (2.11.00) The third page of surreal utterances - from January through October 2000...
OsQts4.Html (14.3.01) And they keep coming - the fourth page of surreal utterances - from October 2000 through February 2001...
OS_PT.Htm (6/11/98) The Odd Squad Purity Test... how much of a Squaddie are you?
Conseq.Htm (12/1/99) The results of some very silly games of Consequences!
OSGallry.Htm A new(ish) and unfinished page, where I'm sticking some assorted photos of Odd Squad members in fun positions.
Assassins / Diplomacy Pages
Deaths.Html (24.2.00) The Many Deaths of Alex Churchill - everything that's happened to me in the Assassins' Guild :-)
Notice this is one of the only 2 pages to go up on the site since this webserver upgraded from Windows 3.1, with the 8.3 filename limit!
Cantab.Htm (20/04/99) The Cantabrigia Home Page, dedicated to my own silly Diplomacy variant. Now at v1.04!
Random One-Off Pages
Jelybaby.Htm (1/11/99) The Jellybabies page!!
Friends.Htm  (7/3/99) The Campaign for Equal Sites - a set of links to my friends' pages
Landmark.Htm A page about this self-expression course I did called the Landmark Forum.
Cambridg.Htm (11.2.00) Why I love Cambridge!
Top3.Htm The top 3 strangest emails I've ever received... a bit odd, really.
SamSwallow.html A page dedicated to "The Legend of Samuel Swallow", a rather funny song.
Chrono.Htm A page of pictures from Chrono Trigger, the classic SNES RPG.
Secret Pages
(note: Not all HTML pages on this site are listed in this index!)
Secret.Htm  (24/5/98) The main secret page! ...Or is it?
Secret page The proper secret page!
Jokes page A page of my best jokes
Girls page Now closed down, but the page's still here
Graphics page Excellent graphics from around the Web
Links page Some of my favourite sites on the Net!
Jellybaby Orders (1/11/98) Order yourself a Jelly Baby online! I'll send it to you within 24 hours!

What's New: (updated 21/1/00)

Not a lot - this site isn't getting much maintenance these days. But I've just added the second Odd Squad quotes page. Have fun :)

Coming Soon (maybe):

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