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Thoughts on Remembrance Sunday 'Invictus' / 'My Captain' - Two Poems
By me - 8th November 1998
By W. Henley and D. Day
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By me - 27th September 2000
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By a friend of mine Collected thoughts on love and singleness in the world these days A message to people who think Christians have everything sorted
Light emails Atheist Lecturers and Christian Students Challenging emails
A few forwarded emails with a slightly lighter tone Two inspiring emails about how Christian students can stand up for their beliefs, and my comments on them To help you feel some of what God feels looking at the world


The question is, can we say, simply, honestly, not because we feel that as evangelicals we ought to but because it is plain matter of fact, that we have known God? ...If we really knew God, this is what we would be saying, and if we are not saying it, that is a sign that we need to face ourselves more sharply with the difference between knowing God and merely knowing about Him.
   - J. I. Packer, "Knowing God"

God has imparted his divine characteristics to dwell within us through the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. These characteristics of Christ are revealed as salt and light in a lost and needy world, whether by caring about the moral decay of our society, demonstrating integrity in the workplace, fighting for the dignity of the downtrodden or for those who suffer from discrimination, or simply loving our unchurched friends where we work, study or live. Whether we are identifying with the pain of our neighbour or serving strangers in a soup kitchen, we are engaged in the form of evangelism that demonstrates Christ's love for a lost and needy world.
   - Rebecca Pippert, "Out of the saltshaker"


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